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Good and Evil by BurenErdene Good and Evil by BurenErdene
My Entry for the concets and i wish good luck for all the contestants...Here goes:

Good and Evil
They were born as twins from the cycles of destiny and life. They look upon our life and watches all over us. Every day we take sides without knowing which we truly fight for.
Sometimes we do evil trying to do good for ourselves, or we do good to stop evil. We may appear to be doing something bad, but might be trying to protect what is good in our lives, or we wear a mask trying to look good but doing evil when others are not looking.
“Evil” has many tricks. “Evil” has many deceiving appearances. “Evil” will struggle to protect itself at all cost. But “Good” has only one face and it’s never concealed in lies. It is plain to see. “Good” may look as overshadowed by “Evil” as there seem to be bas things in this world are more than good things there are. But “Evil” will never triumph. As evil would never exist without good and so does the other. If one of them is gone the world will have nothing to compare, learn, realize and understand from. Therefore they will remain forever to balance the equation.
They were both given a staff-a tool that represents their might and wits. The “Good” brother was given the longer wooden staff with clear crystal ball on top symbolizing honesty and grace. The ball is clear but empty, giving choice to people whether they want to see it as full or empty. The “Evil” brother was given short iron staff with glowing crystal ball with clouds whirling inside symbolizing force and deception. Its shining ball can blind people’s minds and trick them into his deeds. But the twins’ staff would always be at equal heights. Preserving harmony in everything that makes humanity what it is.
Heaven and hell both exist on Earth, it is up to us to decide and see whether we are living in one or the other. There are people, who have everything in life but hungers for more, but there are also people who have nothing in possession but happy for everything they are. Life is full of colors. Some day the sky seems so clear and we feel joy but other time we feel sadness when cloud covers the shining sunlight.
Life is about climbing a mountain and reaching its peak. Mountains have many dangerous turns, steep cliffs, straight roads, rocks that fall down. In our life we either struggle and reach the peaks and see the clear sky above clouds, breath fresh air and feel it in our lungs or we rather lay back and stay below in the shades and chilling icy winds. Some stops their journey halfway takes a rest for awhile and later proceeds, some gives up hope and returns down, some are stopped by natural forces before they even reach.
There is no absolute Good or Evil. We all have been one or the other sometime in our lives. We are made of both…We are Good/Evil.
Doctor-of-tardis Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
awesome man. Unen gaihamshigtai yum aa
The-Dark-Diamond Featured By Owner May 1, 2009  Student
very cool nicely done
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